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Bugs About Beatles - Newsweek, 24 February 1964

A 7 de Fevereiro de 1964 , os 4 de Liverpool chegavam triunfalmente à America, voo 101 da Pan Am, esperava-os o ED SULLIVAN SHOW, muitos concertos ao vivo, a Glória... e a Beatlemania, o resto é história.
Beatles Forever apresenta a mítica edição da Newsweek Americana com os 4 Beatles na capa em 24 de Fevereiro de 1964, mítica porque mais ninguém ligou ao fenómeno, a Times ignorou o facto, só muito mas mesmo muito mais tarde (anos) reagiu.

O artigo com o título GEORGE, PAUL, RINGO AND JOHN  começava dramaticamente deste modo:

"Visually they are a nightmare: tight, dandified, Edwardian-Beatnik suits and great pudding bowls of hair.  Musically they are a near-disaster: guitars and drums slamming out a merciless beat that does away with secondary rhythms, harmony, and melody.  Their lyrics (punctuated by nutty shouts of "yeah, yeah, yeah!") are a catastrophe, a preposterous farrago of Valentine-card romantic sentiments."

E acabava com esta bonita previsão ( publicaram mas não acertaram!):

"The big question in the music business at the moment is: will the Beatles last?  The odds are that, in the words of another era, they're too hot not to cool down, and a cooled-down Beatle is hard to picture.  It is also hard to imagine any other field in which they could apply their talents, and so the odds are that they will fade away, as most adults confidently predict."

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polittikus disse...

Só reagiu muito mais tarde. sabes á coisas, que custam a engolir os Beatles á crítica norte americana foi uma delas. é que eles pensam que são melhores, mas com os Beatles enganaram-se....

Mike M disse...

The screaming Beatles fan is my Aunt Jo. 50 years ago my mom was a student at MSU, looking at Newsweek, she turned the page and was surprised to see her sisters pictures. Aunt Jo was a huge Beatles fan, especially Paul. She was living in Springfield VA with my Aunt Mary Lee, my grandmother (Nainie), grandfather (Grandad) Col. Elmer (Pat) and dog, Mike. Nainie bought Jo the ticket and she went with her friend Jo Anne. Aunt Jo looks the same as she did 50 years ago. Mike.

Teresa disse...

What an honour for your aunt Jo!
I must say I'm a little bit jealous! :)

Abel Rosa disse...

Hi Mike

Thanks for sharing your story... Thrilling! I'm a Jealous guy, and by the way all the best for you, family and a special kiss to your Aunt Jo, I really enjoyed and love your story, salutations from Lisbon, Portugal.