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Kevin Ayers - Joy Of A Toy, LP, CD - Made in UK - O baixista dos Soft Machine cita I Am The Walrus

Made in UK


Kevin Ayers - Joy Of A Toy

O baixista dos Soft Machine, um dos magos do chamado som de Canterbury, num album com laivos de Psicadelismo ultra brilhante, contando com a presença do grande Robert Wyatt ( entre outros), Syd Barret, amigo de Kevin, está também presente nos sons lunáticos...  Uma curiosidade ligada aos Beatles, se verificarem a letra da canção "Song for Insane Times" (ver mais abaixo) está uma citação de "I Am The Walrus"... surpreendente até para os  puristas da banda.

People say that they want to be free
They look at him and they look at me
But it's only themselves they're wanting to see
And everybody knows about it

We talk all night and we're all turned on
We believe we heard him singing his song
Telling us all there was work to be done
And everyone sung a chorus of I am the walrus

Yes Disneyland has come to town
Everyone's dressed and standing around
Alice is wearing her sexiest gown
But she doesn't want you to look at her

Beautiful people are queuing to drown
They wait for the lifeguard to put on his crown
But he's up at the other end of town
Trying to talk to the mirror

The scientist talks and he knows what he means
He sits on the floor and has beautiful dreams
Then he gets brought down by a woman who screams
But he knows it's only a record... Oh yes it is

His brave new girl stops feeding the ants
And looks at him with her septic pants
She still knows how to make him dance
And forget about emancipation... it's just imagination

And you and I we sit and hum
We know something's got to come
And get us off our endless bum
There's probably one in the bathroom
Or even in the hall
I don't know anymore than you do
In fact I don't know anything at a...

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