domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Jerry Lee Lewis, Mean Old Man, 33 rpm (CD), Made in USA - Convidados ilustres: Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, JOhn Fogerty, Keith Richard e Ringo STarr entre outros...

Made in USA

CD e LP Verve

O Killer rodeado de convidados ilustres, Mick Jagger, Slash, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richard, Willie Nelson, Jim Keltner, Kid Rock, John Fogerty,etc... e claro Ringo Starr.

LP ( 18 faixas) CD Deluxe com faixa adicional, Money w/Levis Kreis :

1. Mean Old Man w/ Ronnie Wood:
2. Rockin' My Life Away w/ Kid Rock/Slash
3. Dead Flowers w/ Mick Jagger
4. Middle Age Crazy w/ Tim McGraw/Jon Brion
5. You Can Have Her w/ Eric Clapton/James Burton
6. You Are My Sunshine w/ Sheryl Crow/Jon Brion
7. Hold You In My Heart w/ Shelby Lynne
8. Swinging Doors w/ Merle Haggard
9. Roll Over Beethoven w/ Ringo Starr/John Mayer/Jon Brion
10. Sweet Virginia w/ Keith Richards
11. Railroad to Heaven w/ Solomon Burke
12. Bad Moon Rising w/ John Fogerty
13. Please Release Me w/ Gillian Welch
14. Whiskey River w/ Willie Nelson
15. I Really Don't Want To Know w/ Gillian Welch
16. Sunday Morning Coming Down
17. Will The Circle Be Unbroken w/ Mavis Staples/Robbie Robertson/Nils Lofgren
18. Miss The Mississippi and You 

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