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Darren Young (Johnny Gentle), I've Just Fallen For Someone/My Tears Will Turn To Laughter, 45 rpm, Made in UK - A música "perdida" de John Lennon, o lado A deste single foi co-escrito (segundo Darren Young ou melhor Johnny Gentle) por Lennon.

Made in UK
Parlophone Records R4919

Darren Young (ou melhor Johnny Gentle...)
I 've Just Fallen For Someone/My Tears Will Turn To Laughter


Mais uma música "perdida" no universo dos Beatles, Johnny Gentle, cantor Inglês que os Silver Beetles acompanharam,  em espectáculos pelo Reino Unido ( Escócia), gravou este single com a particularidade do tema "I've Just Fallen for Someone" ter sido escrito ( parece que foi mesmo...) em parceria com John Lennon, embora não esteja referido nos créditos. É o próprio Johnny que o afirma:

"Johnny had a room to himself and the Silver Beatles shared two rooms. Sometimes they were put in different hotels. Johnny recalled the best hotel they stayed in was in Inverness, overlooking the river. It was while they were at the hotel that he played a song he’d written called ‘I’ve Just Fallen For Someone’ to George and John. Gentle was having difficulty with the middle eight and John came up with something he’d written which fitted in. Johnny decided to use Lennon’s middle eight in his song and he actually recorded the number for Parlophone the following year under the name Darren Young. The record sold about 3,000 copies.

Says Johnny, “The middle eight words that John wrote to the song were:

We know that we’ll get by

Just wait and see

Just like the songs tell us

The best things in life are free.

“He also gave the tune to the middle.

“I recorded ‘I’ve Just Fallen For Someone’ as Darren Young, as a one-off as I was beginning to think that Johnny Gentle was not bringing me much luck record wise.”


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