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Beatles Beginnings SIX : Beatlemania 1963 - A Série continua...

 Beatles Beginnings SIX : Beatlemania 1963

Os temas que faziam parte do seu repertório ao vivo nass versões originais...

Mais uma excelente edição  da www.historyofrnb.net. Como sempre um folheto exemplar acompanha o CD.

  1. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me-The Miracles
  2. Twist And Shout-The Isley Brothers
  3. Some Other Guy-Ritchie Barrett
  4. Boys-The Shirelles
  5. Devil In His Heart-The Donays
  6. I'm Talking About You-Chuck Berry
  7. Anna-Arthur Alexander
  8. Chains-The Cookies
  9. Baby It's You-The Shirelles
  10. Candy Man-Roy Orbison
  11. Cathy's Clown-The Everly Brothers
  12. Runaway-Del Shannon
  13. What's So Good About Good Bye-The Miracles
  14. I Really Love You-The Stereos
  15. Taste Of Honey-Lenny Welch
  16. I Want A Guy-The Marvelettes
  17. Diamonds-Jet Harris & Tony Meehan
  18. Walk Right In-The Rooftop Singers
  19. Fortune Teller-Benny Spellman
  20. You Don't Understand Me-Bobby Freeman
  21. (You Can) Depend On Me-The Miracles
  22. Whistle My Love-Joe Brown
  23. Time Changes Things-The Supremes
  24. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby-Little Eva
  25. Soldier Boy-The Shirelles
  26. Moonlight Bay-The Drifters
  27. Trambone-Chet Atkins
  28. Pas De Deux-Tchaikovsky
  29. Please Mr. Postman-The Marvelettes

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