sábado, 29 de março de 2014

Los Beatles - Socorro! 33 rpm - Made in Argentina

Made in Argentina
33 rpm
Stereo Odeon SLDS-2122


Socorro - Help!

La Noche Antes - The Night Before

Tienes Que Esconder Tu Amor - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Te Necesito - I Need You

Otra Chica - Another Girl

Perderas A Esa Chica - You're Going To Lose That Girl

Boleto Para Pasear - Ticket To Ride

Portate Naturalmente - Act Naturally

Es Solamente Amor - It's Only Love

Te Gusto Demasiado - You Like Me Too Much

Dime Lo Que Ves - Tell Me What You See

He Visto Solo Una Cara - I've Just Seen A Face

Ayer - Yesterday

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

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