domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

Badfinger, Magic Christian Music. 33 rpm - Made in USA - A "falsa" Banda Sonora de Magic Christian... na verdade só 3 temas aparecem no filme.

Made in USA


Magic Christian Music by Badfinger

Na verdade este disco não é a banda sonora do filme, só 3, dos temas, fizeram parte da dita, temas dos Iveys regravados (Maybe Tomorrow), ou seja, estratégia comercial da Apple.

Side 1:
1. Come and Get It
2. Crimson Ship
3. Dear Angie
4. Fisherman
5. Midnight Sun
6. Beautiful and Blue
7. Rock of all Ages

Side 2
1. Carry On Till Tomorrow
2. I'm In Love
3. Walk Out In The Rain
4. Angelique
5. Knocking Down Our Home
6. Give It A Try
7. Maybe Tomorrow

Pete Ham: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Tom Evans: guitar, vocals, bass on "Rock of All Ages", "Crimson Ship" and "Midnight Sun"
Ron Griffiths: bass, vocals
Mike Gibbins: drums, vocals
Paul McCartney: piano on "Rock of All Ages", percussion on "Come and Get It"

Technical credits:
Tony Visconti - arrangements, Production
Mal Evans - Production
Paul McCartney - Production

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