quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2015

Mary Wells - Love Songs to the Beatles, 33rpm - Made in USA - O tributo de uma estrela Motown...

Made in USA
20th century Fox records

Mary Wells
Love Songs to The Beatles

O tributo de uma Estrela da Motown...

  1. "He Loves You"
  2. "All My Lovin'"
  3. "Please Please Me"
  4. "Do You Want to Know a Secret"
  5. "Can't Buy Me Love"
  6. "I Should Have Known Better"
  7. "Help!"
  8. "Eight Days a Week"
  9. "And I Love Him"
  10. "Ticket to Ride"
  11. "Yesterday"
  12. "I Saw Him Standing There"

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